Sunday, January 25, 2015

Its been a long time, Shouldn't have left you

Without a dope beat to......

AAaaaaaaaaand  I Am back.

I am going to be honest on here folks, there is really no reason why I left my blog other than. I was too lazy to keep up with it.  Recent events, however, have compelled me to write more.  Gotta get these words out to the masses.  I cannot help but be compelled to help people, and if that means I can make you laugh, entertain,  educate, or empower then by golly, that is what I am gonna do.

By any means necessary.

I still have my dream of developing the H00ktastic  Web Studio, a place where people can go to forget their troubles, laugh out loud, and possible see new possibilities for their lives.  I desperately want to help improve the quality of living for folks.  For some that will just be a quick laugh, for others maybe an epic story, and maybe if I am careful I can spark some good inspiration and change.
Now, enough with the reassertions and aspirations, it is time to get on with the Shenanigans!!!

So what the hell u been doing H00k???

Glad you asked, phantom person.
Soon It will be year 2 in Southern California. Me and the lady finally made that move to Hollywood where we can be rub elbows with he people who can help realize our missions and visions.

Oh, wow congrats Bro

Woah slow down there Jethro,  we ain't MADE IT just yet, and hit some searious bumps. Our original housing plans fell through, money fell through, employment got shaky, and it was a rocky road, to say the least.

But we were determined and I did find a good position as an after school Science instructor (I know teaching again).  It is 2 parts Entertainment 1 part educating and a lot of fun teaching science in a way where kids can actually GET it.  I like to do it, not love, and I am now "party staff". That's right, going out and making things explode for kids birthday parties.

But what about the DREAM

I know I know, I am working on it, I met an awesome friend who happens to be on the 1st season of mistresses and a slew of actors and entertainers that also do the Science gig.  They are great and I am collaborating on a short, comic for one guys short film.  Nothing big yet but it is credentials towards my talents.

And the little lady??

well Tasha and I went to the Game Developer's Conference and are headed back for year 2, it was AMAZING, we met people all across the board from, board game indie developers to AAA game producers and everything in between,  we will definitely be honing out skills to work with some of them on some indie projects and building for our first game!!!

Ok, so what ur saying is its been 2 years and nothing happened yet...

:/  uh, yes.  BUT not nothing.  No I haven't been cast as Miles Morales (Mixed Spiderman), or Lando's son, J'kwon Calrissian, But I have made contacts and connections with people making their own works and sustaining a living while doing it.  I have seen that its possible and that is the evidence I needed to know we made the right choice by coming out here.  I think now more than ever that the dream is just a reality not yet seized and I am gonna do my damnedest to make it happen sooner rather than later.

So what can we expect out of this blog??

More me, more often, and more random.  Going to start filling you in on some of the daily So Cal life but also I will keep updating this blog with Comedy, Comics, and Games news and links to other Hook and Tasha related productions.

--H00k OUT

and remember, go ninja go ninja go.

PS. My Bosom Buddy lifelong pal, created a Movie Podcast and I guest appeared check it out here!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Graduate with a Dilema in Personal Ambitions???

We were doing research on Grad schools today and it hit me…

I have NO IDEA what I want to go to school for

I mean I have an "idea" but honestly I don’t know what I want to do.



OK, I graduated with Honors with a Theatre Degree in 4 years and I feel like I know absolutely nothing remotely close to what I would need to know about the industry that I want to become a part of. Not to mention my repertoire has basically nothing of interest for any of the Grad programs I am interested in…


Little piece of paper I worked my ass off for…


Basically I feel screwed because I can Act-for-Theatre?? I guess that’s what my degree says, but what about ANYTHING ELSE.


::Slap across the face::


- I love to perform, I know I want to do that and don’t want to miss out on that

But does that just shell me in as an actor and I would go to school for acting and nothing else???

- I have a million little stories and skits and sketches in my head

A degree in creative writing would be great but I don’t just want to write and I don’t have a background of writing or a collection of any stories as samples…

- I LOVE being in charge lol, as much as I hate to admit it I can take the helm and I enjoy it

So do I want to be a director, a filmmaker… will that put me in a box too?? I have Ideas for Game design do I jump Acting ship and try to get back in as a voice actor???

The possibilities are endless

- When this is all over…

I want my own entertainment Studios, that way I can do all the projects I want…

Reality Check…

I just have to go with my Passion and well if my Passion encompasses all of the above then I guess I will just be one busy MO FO huh… but at least one thing is certain… I will not give up.


Friday, August 26, 2011

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!!!

Ok so it started out good,

I had woke up before my alarm but then I spilled my Protein shake all over the kitchen floor while trying to shake it up in a new container I got from my job…(OMEN)

Whatever lil' spill, still left out early and had everything, I was ready.

Got to the bus with 5 mins to spare--

Then got on the metro didn’t have to stop to add fare I was good to go--

Got off the Greenline at U Street and as I reached the elevator I checked my phone clip to find… no phone,


I had mistook the wallet in my pocket for my phone and had left the phone somewhere near or on the seat… that or I got GOT…

In a word BLOWN

Walk to the place of employment…mad

Get the my job and just lay in my classroom pouting as I lay lounged against a bold green child sized couch. Then I get the motivation to do something about it…

I call sprint, and realize I am past due… so I pay the bill only to be told from the Jackasses at Asurion that my insurance didn’t count cause the phone was not activated at the time it was lost/stolen...

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch

So I am texting on my computer to my gf to try to get the Metro lost n found and then I stop getting responses, and what do you know, a teacher has to leave early so gues who has to work for 7-5 this guy…

Finally go to the lobby and call home to be told that I had like a dozen responses to the texts I was sending and all she kept getting was hello, mostly cause I wasn’t getting anything on my end, and she had now been waiting for a full hour to pick me up from the metro that I had not even got on yet….

In short on August 26, 2011 it was written… FML


On a more positive note I did remember to grab my jacket before it started to rain… (it’s the little things)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BACK in the game


Today I watched a video from Lore and the weekly marmot . The topic was tanking and threat WoW is a great game, and it has evolved over the years. Some love where it is now, some hate it, and some play it completely indifferent to the changes because they know they are just going to play the damn game anyways… well I appreciated the game mechanics from when I started to where they are now, and with millions playing it is a grueling task to try to appease that crazy population (proudly I am a member of that crazy population)


Before the new changes

Tanks - Focus on keeping attention of the boss (sustaining aggro as we call it)

Healers - Focus on keeping Party members alive

DPS (damage per second, its virgin for Damage dealt) - Focus on Killing


Tanks - Focus on Staying alive

Healers - Focus on keeping party alive

DPS - Focus on Killing things


WoW as a game has become more of a calculation than a game to most hardcore gamers. In the same fashion as one counts cards in poker or black jack this game has been broken down by players so much that you are really expected to know the formulas in order to attempt End Game content.

I don’t think they ever meant for the game to be interpreted so analytically but it has and for me that might be the worst part.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back with a CHALLENGE


So, I heard from a good friend that if you take the time to be good at something, even if it is just 15 minutes every day, that in two years you will become an expert. I decided that the day after my Birthday would be a perfect starting point to test this theory. Starting today I will take 5 fifteen minute segments of my day, everyday and use them in the service of 5 personal goals. Through the help of Social Networking, I will record and document the results. But, I know I will need help and so I am sharing my challenge my Social Network. I will be using Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, and Youtube to Kick it off (maybe others as I get better). Now it doesn’t have to be 5 that’s just a catchy little hashtag, it can be more, or just one goal but the important part is that you put in the time EVERYDAY and try.

My 5:

- Acting/Entertaining

- Japanese

- Drawing

- Blogging???(this is the tough one lol)

- Chess

- Learning JKD (yea its 6 wanna fight about it...)

If you want to be apart, just do it! Comment, Reply, Retweet, Message me, or post a video link of your #5for15 or #5for15challenge and include that tag in your post.

I know I will need the encouragement of my friends to make it happen so I encourage you, I ask you, and I CHALLENGE YOU (in my Charlie Murphy voice) to become an expert and take the #5for15challenge

Thanks in Advance for Indulging my madness…


The Vid -

Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Guy's Story

This is my most recent attempt at a monologue, I am learning with each one but I think this one sounds OK, tell me what you think... I will perform it on my youtube page so you can get a real feel for it.

I am sorry. I am sorry that I am not the man you thought I was, not the man I pretended to be. I have this thing where I have to try to be the perfect man. Not because I want to be but I have to be the best possible candidate for you, well for any woman, Maybe its some kind of inferiority complex, maybe its because all the ones that "got away" destroyed my hopes of ever finding a "soul mate". True Love, It all seems like romanticized bull shit when you're getting shot down because you are "too nice" or "such a good friend".

I don’t know, I just need for you to think that I am worthy of you, that there is a reason to want me. Women come with so many prerequisites and red tape that it was not enough to be me, so I become whatever she wants me to be. I spent years figuring out how to be "that guy" and I got really good at it and after a while that was all that mattered, All I cared about was how to get "her". I don't even stop to see if I really even want her, just do whatever it takes to get the girl to pick me.

I mean she didn't mind feeling special and part of me just liked to make her feel that way because, well I could. But then we get to this point, or I get to this point and am ready to capture the next one.

I make excuses for myself saying that I am not good enough for her and she will find someone better, I never stopped to think about if she wanted to… I can't because every thing in me tells me I am wrong for feeling this way.

Karma is gonna get me back for breaking her heart, she was a nice girl. But instead I just find a new one, and she makes me forget. I see the next pretty smile, or nice ass, or whatever , and I forget. The chase starts again and I say all the right things and I convince myself I am head over heels, when I am really just taking a breath. So I am sorry, but I have to go, again.

Friday, July 2, 2010


It is extremely difficult for me to write this because once it escapes my mind it is true, and the truth, in this case, hurts.
I am on the verge of being Evicted from my apartment. I have about 28$ in my bank accounts (checking and saving) and most of it is my fault. I have been able to do things by sheer will and determination on several occasions in my life. I HATE not being in some type of control and waiting to hear back from multiple positions is woefully difficult for me. I have been raised with the philosophy of doing the right thing gets rewarded and money will come. That you should do things for the people you care about. Unfortunately, you just can't do everything you want with out sacrifice. My mistake was what I chose to give up. I sacrificed rent money, to appease her. I sacrificed financial stability to appease her, and some logic just to appease her.
What is hard to swallow is the fact that no matter how much I rationalized my decisions, some were just plain wrong. Crunching numbers, counting on empty promises, and assumptions are my downfall. Unfortunately for me, It bit me back in a bad way.

Not a failure, just a chance to prove I can overcome.